How tillage machines saved my garden

I have discovered what tillage machines are because I recently bought a house. Not just any house, a beautiful old farmhouse in the countryside. It was a bargain, mostly because it needed a huge amount of work to make it the dream home that I knew it could become. It has high ceilings, plenty of light, a beautiful antique fireplace in the living room and a charming kitchen area with a kitchen island, a stunning old sink and more space than I have ever had in the past. The main selling point, though, is not what is inside the house. It’s the space around it. I don’t know if I should call it a garden. It’s not quite a farm. But it’s big, very big. Big enough that equipment like tillage machines are crucial. I have only ever had a balcony or a very small, concrete yard. I have always dreamed of having space for a dog and kids. The trouble is that I have never had any experience at all of clearing and landscaping a garden. I decided right from the beginning that I was going to do all the work myself. In fact, I told so many people that that I would feel embarrassed to hire someone in. And this garden really, really needed some work. So after getting the keys to the house in December and fixing as much as I could indoors through the long winter, I went out in the spring to start to prepare all of the elements of a garden that I have always envisioned:

  • A grass lawn;
  • Flowerbeds;
  • A pond;
  • A vegetable garden.

I planned in plenty of time, I thought. Four weeks to dig up the garden, plant the seeds, line a pond, buy some fish. Easy. I grabbed my spade and rake and went out to break ground. I threw the shovel down with all my force, and it bounced back and nearly hit me in the face. I tried twice more but barely made a dent. So I sought out some softer ground. Here I made a breakthrough. I started picking up layers of soil, turning it over, and made some progress. Until I hit hard ground. I quickly realised that this wasn’t going to work. I had to find a solution.

Finding out about tillage machines

So apparently there are pieces of equipment known as tillage machines. They come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have one function – turning over earth. It was clear that I was going to have to get hold of two or maybe even three tillage machines in order to meet my deadline for fixing my garden. So I went searching. After reading about various types:

  • Cultivators;
  • Front tine tillage machines;
  • Rear tine tillage machines.

I was aware that I was going to need an expert. So I contacted Eversagro, where they have a wide variety of tillage machines. They were able to advise me about the type of equipment I’d need, given the size and type of garden. They recommended two different tillage machines, one for covering large areas and one for the smaller, tricky corners. Their friendly service helped me to arrange what I needed and I was able to get to work quickly. With a little help from some friends we met my deadline for fixing up the garden.

The end result

The tillage machines sped up the process immensely, getting all the soil turned in just a couple of days. I now have my dream garden surrounding my dream house. I’m eternally grateful to Eversagro for their help.